Sunday, 5 February 2017

Playoff Time

Tuesday night's game for the 73's was the last game of the regular season.  The results of the game had no effect on the standings for either team.  Winning only mattered for the '3s so they could say they won 30 games in each of the last 6 years.  They met their game goal but finished the season in second place.

Friday night was the first game of the playoffs.  The 2nd place finisher plays the 7th place finisher so Essex faced off against the Mooretown Flags.  The 1st period looked like the game was going to be close and exciting.  Essex managed a goal near the end of the period.  Essex put another 4 goals in the net during the second period and Mooretown switched their goalies.  With Essex leading 5-0 Mooretown become frustrated and the shenanigans started.  Essex lost two players due to injuries and Mooretown lost 2 players to gross misconducts.  One is on a 7 game suspension for derogatory comments and one on a 4 game suspension for an attempt to injure.

I agree that derogatory or racial comments should not be tolerated in the game of hockey.  However, I find it a little strange that something that is said gets a more severe penalty than an action that could result in an injury.

Saturday night saw Essex travelling to Mooretown for game 2.  Hubby and I stayed home and followed the game on pointstreaks website.  It must have been a strange game.  Period 1 saw Essex with a penalty shot but no score.  Essex spent 33 minutes of the game in the penalty box yet still managed to put 3 goals into the Mooretown net.  Even the Essex back-up goalie was in the penalty box according to the pointstreak site but no explanation as to why.  This game is one of the only games I can recall where the other team had more shots on goal than Essex.  Essex though shorthanded a good portion of the game including a stretch of 7 minutes still shutout Mooretown from the scoreboard.  Mooretown is back in Essex on Tuesday night for game 3.  I hope Essex takes this series in 4 games.

Hubby and I were checking out who is playing hockey tonight.  Turns out no one is.  We thought this strange since Sunday night is a regular game night for some teams.  We are so clueless.  Tonight is Superbowl Sunday where everyone else gets together to watch the half-time show and commercials.  I don't know anyone who admits to watching the game.

On the knitting front, the last two hockey games saw me pass the half-way mark on the Harry Potter scarf.  No picture since it looks the same as the last post only longer.

My friend sent me this picture and asked if I could knit her a pair of mittens like this to go with her new navy blue coat.

Now I looked at this photo and rotated this photo and still I am not really sure what she has in mind.  This looks felted but I did not have any yarn in my stash that has all these these colours combined.   I felt that the colours would be more important that the texture so I started these.

I hope she likes them.

I finished the world's cutest baby hat.

The hat is sitting on a piece of fabric I dyed.  Hubby thought I was crazy on Tuesday morning.  I hopped out of bed and became ecstatic that it had snowed.  I quickly showered and dressed.  He found me shovelling snow into a bucket and hauling it to the basement.  I was snow dyeing.  I had read about this technique and wanted to try it.  Back in December I gathered all the things I needed; salt, powdered fabric dye and the basket from my freezer then I waited for it to snow and waited and waited.  Finally enough snow fell Tuesday morning so I could gather clean snow.

The fabric had previously been washed so all I had to do was thoroughly wet it.  I scrunched it up into the basket and put the basket in the laundry sink so the melting snow could drain.  I filled the sink with clean snow, covering the fabric.  I sprinkled salt and powdered dye on top of the snow and left it.  After the hockey game I rinsed the fabric and used the drain and spin cycle to take out the excess water.  I hung to dry.  The next day I used the rinse cycle to take off the excess dye.  I am really happy with the result.  It will eventually be a nightgown for me.