Sunday, 27 November 2016

Somewhat Random

1.  When I want to put off doing something I find all sorts of other things to do.  I don't get what I am putting off done right away but I feel like I have accomplished something.  In the end I do the right thing and complete what I should have started with.  So today I felt I needed to blog but was stuck on what I wanted to write about.  I did not quite run out of other things to do but my house is in better shape this afternoon.  I stopped when I decided I would just write about a few random things.

2. Done while coughing and sneezing over a week ago one dishcloth.

From the Leisure Arts book, Color Splash Dishcloths, #3 Soap 'em Up.  Knit with Lily Sugar 'N Cream cotton bought at the 2013 Listowel tent sale by the cone.  I bought the book back in October when I stopped into Mary Maxim in London for a little inspiration.  The sheep were a Christmas gift from a friend and they frequently sneek into my photos.  They are so cute I had to take more than one.

3. Finished and photographed one pair of socks for a friend.

4. Since I finished the socks, I needed some simple knitting for the hockey game on Tuesday.  I started the lapghan.  It needs to be 36" x 48".  There is no pattern, I am just making it up as I go using various sizes of domino squares.

The yarn is Paton's Decor (75% acrylic, 25% wool) in colourway "Mountain Top Varg".  I assume it is discontinued as this has been in my stash since the 2008 Listowel Tent Sale.  Hubby picked it up for me on a day trip on his motorcycle. [I have stash that is ageing, just like me]

5. I needed a simple project as the other one in progress is a pair of socks from the yarn left over from the Building Block Shawl.

The pattern is Ripple Socks from Socks Socks Socks by Knitter's Magazine.  The pattern is not difficult, but I do need to concentrate - incompatible with cheering on a hockey team.

6. Building Blocks is done.  I made the small size which is still generous.  However it also meant lots of leftovers.  See 5. above.

Hubby did a photo shoot for me outside.  He says he doesn't have to be good (he really does not know anything about photography) he just has to take lots of pictures.  I put the camera on automatic just for him.

7. Next week I am taking a weaving class at the Little Red Mitten in St. Thomas.  I have to go with the loom warped and ready for the class.

Its a 20" Ashford Knitters Loom in case you were wondering. Most of the tying on was done this morning as I procrastinated.

8.  My Christmas decorating is done.

Yes, this is really all I do.  Only the one Christmas cactus is blooming.  Half of it fell off in the summer when I brought home my great-grandmother's cactus.  What is left is producing lots of buds and blossoms.  My great-grandmother's cactus has produced a lot of new greenery this summer but I can only see one bud on the entire plant.  Maybe it is still too early for it.

9. I finally finished the fingerless gloves I started back in September.  I consider them a failed experiment.  They were too small for me and the design on the back did not turn out as I hoped but I finished them anyway.

I thought my boss would like them.  She likes bright colours and they are very colourful.  She took one look, squealled then put them on.  They fit her perfectly.  She is absolutely delighted with them.  She texted me yesterday to say that every time she looks for them to wear, she finds them on her son's hands.  His favourite colour is green. His hands are warm and he can text at the same time. I texted back that I was happy the gloves were a hit.  She texted back that they are "IN DEMAND".

This is why I finish not frog.

10.  As of writing this the Essex 73's are in third place in the league just 3 points behind Blenheim which is in first.  I am not concerned, as the top 8 go on to play in the playoffs.  There are only 9 teams in the league.

11.  My cold is still hanging on.  I am calling this one Nigel.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Best Laid Plans

I had a wonderful blog post planned in my mind.  I was going to do a photo shoot to show you the Building Block Shawl.  I took your comments to heart and cast off for the small version.  I was going to photograph the lovely face cloth I knitted up and the swatches for the next big project.  I was going to go to Michaels and pick up the two colours I need for the afghan I am planning.  I was going to have a lovely photo of the socks I started  from the shawl leftovers.  Too bad none of these things happened.  I have come down with a nasty cold again and all my energy is going into just surviving.  I managed making some soup and that is about it.

Here's hoping I stop getting sick and get on with knitting.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Mojo I Miss You

Since I came home from my trip to Newfoundland, I feel like I left my knitting mojo back in St. John's.  I have been knitting but more often than not it is just sitting in my lap not being worked on.  I had high hopes that the current project  would rekindle my desires.  Sadly it is one I am not enjoying.  Don't get me wrong.  The pattern is lovely.  I love the yarn I chose but it just is not sparking me to finish.  I refuse to start something else as I am afraid if I stop knitting on it I will set it aside and never finish.

Here is my progress on the Building Blocks, a mystery knit along from Stephen West.  I have participated in his mystery knit-alongs before and each time was fun and exciting.  Each clue brought something new I was not expecting.  I could not put the knitting down.  I needed to finish the current clue before the next came out.  When I knit the Colour Craving mystery knit along, I was so enthused I knit two over the course of the knit along.  Not this time.  Here I am just starting Clue 3 and the final clue has been out now for 10 days.

I have to decide if I want a small, medium or large shawl.  The small ends after the current section.  If I stop, the shawl will be approximately 68" wide.  If I go one more section, then it will be approximately 78" wide.  I think I have enough yarn to make the large but will it be too big for wearing?  Decisions decisions!

I have been knitting at hockey games.  I have to pay too much attention while knitting this shawl so I have been working on socks.  I started the second sock on the drive to Blenheim on Sunday evening. (Hubby drove)  Essex won 4-2.  I got some more done Tuesday night at the home game where Essex lost 7-5 to Amherstburg.  Hubby and I drove to Dresden Friday night for another exciting game where Essex lost 5-4 in overtime.

My vanilla sock recipe using Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Heather (85% wool, 15% nylon) in colour 08007.  The yarn was purchased so long ago I can't remember when or where.

I can't make it to Tuesday's game so these socks too have stalled for another week.

At a game a couple of weeks ago I picked up a new project bag.  Hubby thinks this story is embarrassing; I think the story is funny so here goes.

Regularly at the home games there are give-aways from sponsors.  I was sitting in section 110 and the give-away was some bags.  Some were from Ken Knapp Ford.  Others were orange bags from the 73's team.  A member of the 73's management started throwing rolled up bags into section 110.  I was not lucky enough to catch one but the lady sitting to my left down the row did.  She unwrapped the elastic from the tube to open up the bag.  She looked at it and I could see from the look on her face she was at a loss to see how she could possibly use this tiny bag.   It was way too small for groceries.

She looked in my direction.  I smiled at her then looked down at my knitting.  I looked back at her smiled again with raised eyebrows and eyes wide.  I held up my knitting for her to see; looked down and up at her again.  She looked at the bag then at my knitting.  She raised the bag a little and again looked at me; at my knitting.  I nodded and she handed me the the bag.  Living with Reba for the last 13 years taught me a few things.  I told the story to Hubby. He snorted, rolled his eyes and exclaimed, "You begged like a dog?  I am glad I wasn't there!"

Perfect size for holding the Building Blocks shawl and pattern.  It says Ken Knapp on the other side.